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The Hagar’s Fossil Motto Is, “Every Fossil Has A Story”

Many fossil and mineral dealers have only ever acquired their fossils from others, which leaves most of the story covered. Rich Hagar and his wife Lisa, on the other hand, enjoy the “thrill of the hunt”, uncovering the full story of their fossil finds to make for a more enthralling exhibit.

In fact, Hagar’s Fossils oftentimes come from first-hand discoveries, including travel to exotic locations, hiking up muddy creeks in waders, and sleeping in the back of a van alongside a dusty dirt road -- all looking for the next treasure.

This ensures you get the most authentic and stunning museum-quality fossils, as well as incredible stories of adventure to go alongside them! In fact, Rich and his adventures have been featured in 5 books!

Additionally, thanks to extensive experience restoring fossils, Rich Hagar is a trusted authority on identifying repaired and fake fossils. People from all over the country and the world rely on his expertise.

Consider it an additional assurance: when you are dealing with Hagar’s Fossils, every piece is nothing but the highest quality imaginable. Hagar’s Fossils provides a one-of-a-kind, fully transparent and educational purchasing experience -- marked with thorough and astonishing authenticity.

At the end of the day, you’ll even have an exciting backstory to tell with every piece, a luxury and pleasure that you won’t want to do without ever again!

The bottom line is: nothing else compares to a genuine Hagar’s Fossils find.

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